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Russ' RV-7A

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Riveting Radio and ADS-B doublers on
Jan.31.2017    1 hrs
Antenna Installs and GPS 20A Mounting
Jan.08.2017    2 hrs
Finishing rolling edge on right outboard bottom skin
Jan.04.2017    1 hrs
Dimpling bottom skin for doublers, riveted Transponder Doubler
Dec.30.2016    2 hrs
More antenna doubler prep, GPS Placement
Dec.18.2016    1 hrs
Test dimpling fuselage skin for doublers
Nov.27.2016    1 hrs
Countersinking Antenna Doublers
Nov.26.2016    1 hrs
Transponder and GDL 39 antenna doublers
Nov.23.2016    4 hrs
More Antenna Doubler work
Nov.22.2016    1 hrs
Updated Garmin Avionics Software
Nov.21.2016    0 hrs
Radio Antenna Install
Nov.16.2016    1 hrs
Comm Antenna Mounting
Nov.13.2016    2 hrs
Carving some Snorkel foam away
Nov.01.2016    1 hrs
Intake Snorkel Modification Begins
Oct.30.2016    2 hrs
Canopy Brace painting
Oct.30.2016    1 hrs
LED Dimmer/Radio Weirdness
Oct.30.2016    1 hrs
Lower Spark Plug Wire Securing
Oct.28.2016    1 hrs
Refining the instrument dimming function and setting up CHT & EGT inputs
Oct.26.2016    0 hrs
Testing instrument dimming with a simple potentiometer
Oct.23.2016    1 hrs
Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
Oct.20.2016    1 hrs
Securing landing and taxi light wiring
Oct.17.2016    1 hrs
Rewiring the Nav/Strobe lights
Oct.13.2016    1 hrs
Dimpling right outboard bottom skin
Oct.05.2016    1 hrs
Switch Labeling
Oct.04.2016    1 hrs
Right wing bottom skin prep
Oct.04.2016    3 hrs
More Right Wing Bottom Skin Prep
Oct.04.2016    1 hrs
Right Wing Landing Light Wire Support Replacement
Oct.02.2016    0 hrs
Button up and initial electrical testing
Sep.29.2016    1 hrs
Wire tidying
Sep.27.2016    1 hrs
Cut Heat control cable
Sep.26.2016    1 hrs
Cabin Heat Vent Control Cable Assembly
Sep.22.2016    1 hrs
Numatx Rivet Squeezer Improvements
Sep.21.2016    1 hrs
Wiring up the Under Dash, refactoring USB/Interior and Instrument Dimmer power
Sep.19.2016    2 hrs
Visor light installation
Sep.18.2016    2 hrs
Securing Pitot and AOA Tubing
Sep.17.2016    1 hrs
Port Side Spark Plug Grommet fitting
Sep.17.2016    2 hrs
Side lights and starter switch dimmer wiring
Sep.15.2016    2 hrs
More Canopy Deck Trimming
Sep.14.2016    2 hrs
Static Line Routing
Sep.11.2016    2 hrs
Roll Bar Brace Painting and Canopy Deck Trimming
Sep.11.2016    1 hrs
More side lighting work
Sep.11.2016    1 hrs
Side ambient light panel work
Sep.09.2016    2 hrs
Finishing up instrument dimmer and securing various wiring
Sep.06.2016    2 hrs
AOA Indicator Dimming Wiring plus
Sep.05.2016    2 hrs
More instrument Dimmer install work, AOA dimmer wiring, AOA CAN Bus grounding, Mini-B wire cleanup
Sep.04.2016    4 hrs
Side Ambient Light and Instrument Dimmer Install
Sep.02.2016    1 hrs
Pitot, Static and AOA connections
Sep.02.2016    1 hrs
Re-torquing the exhaust nuts
Sep.01.2016    0 hrs
Interior Lighting Research and Initial Install
Sep.01.2016    1 hrs
Opening up manifold pressure port and securing line
Aug.30.2016    1 hrs
Firewall passthrough Insulation
Aug.29.2016    1 hrs
Marking wiring items as completed
Aug.28.2016    0 hrs
Exhaust install
Aug.28.2016    1 hrs
Magnetometer and ELT Serial Connections
Aug.27.2016    2 hrs
2nd Field of Tabs install, ELT Power and Serial connections
Aug.26.2016    1 hrs
Alternator Field, EGT/CHT wires, Grounding
Aug.24.2016    2 hrs
Ganging wires together. Testing 2 methods.
Aug.23.2016    1 hrs
Heat shielding cables, securing starter cable
Aug.22.2016    2 hrs
Securing EGT, CHT and alternator wiring, plus some heat shielding
Aug.21.2016    3 hrs
Securing engine wiring
Aug.20.2016    2 hrs
Cabin Heat Air Routing
Aug.20.2016    0 hrs
Connecting and Labeling EGT cables
Aug.19.2016    1 hrs
EGT Sensor Install
Aug.18.2016    1 hrs
Starter and EGT Sensor wiring
Aug.16.2016    2 hrs
Alternator and Fuel Sensor wiring
Aug.15.2016    2 hrs
Alternator wiring, Misc Labeling
Aug.14.2016    1 hrs
Lighting and USB Power
Aug.09.2016    2 hrs
Wiring Lighting and USB power
Aug.09.2016    2 hrs
Wiring Engine Start Switch
Aug.08.2016    1 hrs
Radio Antenna Cable Install
Aug.07.2016    3 hrs
Stick Grip, Battery Bus work
Aug.06.2016    12 hrs
Left Fuel Tank Level Sensor and Flap Position Wiring
Aug.02.2016    1 hrs
Fuel Level Sensor Wiring, Comm Antenna Placement Research
Jul.12.2016    1 hrs
Installing connector pins and documentation
Jul.10.2016    2 hrs
AOA/Pitot/Static Air line work
Jul.10.2016    1 hrs
Flap Position and wing wiring securing
Jul.09.2016    1 hrs
Yet more static line mounting work
Jul.09.2016    1 hrs
Flap Position Sensor Wiring
Jul.05.2016    2 hrs
More Static Line Routing
Jul.05.2016    1 hrs
Add'l Static Line Securing
Jul.04.2016    1 hrs
Brake line relief and Throttle, Mixture pass-throughs
Jul.03.2016    2 hrs
Static line securing
Jul.03.2016    2 hrs
Copilot side vent hose
Jul.02.2016    0 hrs
Headphone/Mic wire securing
Jul.02.2016    1 hrs
Completed Brake Line shortening and install, priming mounting areas
Jul.02.2016    2 hrs
Shortening the starboard brake line
Jun.30.2016    1 hrs
Flap wiring, Fuel line and wire bundle securing, Flap Position Sensor wiring
Jun.29.2016    1 hrs
Fuel Boost Pump wiring, Ground wire consolidating
Jun.28.2016    2 hrs
OAT Probe and Roll Trim wiring
Jun.27.2016    1 hrs
Roll Trim wiring, bundling and panel fix
Jun.26.2016    2 hrs
Radio Discrete Input/PTT and Trim Wiring
Jun.25.2016    4 hrs
Pitot, Roll Trim wiring and routing x 2
Jun.24.2016    4 hrs
Fuselage temp probe terminals installed
Jun.23.2016    1 hrs
Pilot side air vent tubing install
Jun.23.2016    0 hrs
Pitot and AOA tube routing
Jun.23.2016    0 hrs
CAN and RS232 lines terminated + Trim circuit planning
Jun.22.2016    2 hrs
Autopilot Connecters and Can Bus Labeling
Jun.21.2016    1 hrs
More Landing/Taxi light wiring + Fuel pump
Jun.20.2016    1 hrs
Beringer fittings corrected
Jun.17.2016    0 hrs
Pitot, Taxi and Landing Light wiring
Jun.17.2016    1 hrs
Wing Wiring Connectors
Jun.07.2016    1 hrs
Wire Securing continued
Jun.06.2016    1 hrs
Cockpit Floor wire securing
Jun.05.2016    2 hrs
Wing to Fuselage Entry Bushings
Jun.04.2016    1 hrs
Pitot/AOA and Wire securing
Jun.04.2016    1 hrs
DB9 Shell Testing and Flap Wire Securing
Jun.03.2016    1 hrs
Re-routing Pitot & AOA lines
May.30.2016    1 hrs
Static, Pitot and AOA line routing
May.29.2016    1 hrs
Wiring checklist
May.29.2016    0 hrs
Strobe/Nav and AOA Wiring
May.28.2016    3 hrs
D-Sub to D-Sub connecting and Flap Connectors
May.27.2016    3 hrs
Flap and tail strobe wire mounts
May.26.2016    1 hrs
Flap wiring
May.25.2016    1 hrs
Nav/Strobe light wiring
May.23.2016    3 hrs
Connecting the copilot stick grip DB-9 connectors
May.19.2016    1 hrs
Another way to connect D-Sub connectors
May.18.2016    1 hrs
Connecting copilot stick grip D-Sub connectors together
May.15.2016    1 hrs
Light cable securing
May.10.2016    1 hrs
Autopilot power and Nav/Strobe wiring; securing stick grip cable slack
May.09.2016    1 hrs
AOA Indicator wiring and Stick Grip wire securing
May.08.2016    4 hrs
GI 260 Angle Of Attack display work
May.07.2016    2 hrs
Wired the remaining stick grip functions
May.06.2016    2 hrs
Stick Trim wiring
May.03.2016    1 hrs
Stick grip wiring
May.02.2016    2 hrs
Autopilot Wiring
May.01.2016    2 hrs
Rework/Refactoring Autopilot Wiring
Apr.30.2016    4 hrs
More stick cable securing
Apr.28.2016    1 hrs
Additional stick cable securing and testing
Apr.26.2016    2 hrs
Stick Grip Wiring & Planning
Apr.24.2016    2 hrs
Final securing of stick cabling
Apr.21.2016    1 hrs
Copilot Stick Attach
Apr.20.2016    1 hrs
Securing stick cabling
Apr.19.2016    1 hrs
Pilot stick cable routing
Apr.14.2016    2 hrs
Pilot stick work
Apr.10.2016    2 hrs
Copilot stick grip wiring
Apr.05.2016    1 hrs
Copilot Stick Grip Plugs
Mar.27.2016    2 hrs
Stick Grip Work
Mar.07.2016    1 hrs
More Pitch Autopilot Wiring
Mar.06.2016    3 hrs
Elevator trim wiring redo
Feb.29.2016    1 hrs
Elevator Trim Wiring
Feb.28.2016    3 hrs
Tail Wiring: Getting closer!
Jan.31.2016    2 hrs
More tail wiring
Jan.30.2016    5 hrs
More tail wire run work
Jan.17.2016    1 hrs
More tail wiring
Jan.16.2016    4 hrs
More Fuselage wire run prep
Jan.13.2016    1 hrs
Fuselage wiring
Jan.12.2016    1 hrs
More elevator trim wire running
Jan.11.2016    2 hrs
Elevator Trim Wire Run
Jan.10.2016    1 hrs
Elevator Trim Wiring
Jan.01.2016    2 hrs
Securing static line
Dec.30.2015    0 hrs
Securing wire in the center tunnel
Dec.30.2015    1 hrs
ELT Antenna Cable
Dec.15.2015    1 hrs
And more Autopilot wiring
Nov.16.2015    1 hrs
Yet more Autopilot wiring
Nov.15.2015    2 hrs
More Autopilot Wiring
Nov.08.2015    3 hrs
ELT and Autopilot Servo wire runs
Jun.30.2015    1 hrs
Engine preservation
Jun.21.2015    1 hrs
Flap wiring
Jun.21.2015    1 hrs
ELT Buzzer and Outside Air Temp Mount
Jun.20.2015    2 hrs
Completed ELT Antenna Install, more wiring
Jun.15.2015    3 hrs
Crankcase Ventilation
Jun.14.2015    0 hrs
Firewall Brake Line Securing
Jun.14.2015    0 hrs
ELT Controller Wiring and Antenna Install
Jun.14.2015    3 hrs
Finish conical baffle for cylinder 4
Jun.10.2015    1 hrs
Conical Baffling for cylinders 3 & 4
Jun.08.2015    4 hrs
Conical Baffling for cylinders 1 & 2
Jun.07.2015    6 hrs
Vans Brake Line Redo
May.10.2015    3 hrs
Brake Lines Fabricated
May.09.2015    5 hrs
Fixed issue with power dropout
Apr.22.2015    1 hrs
Flipped the Battery Backup around
Apr.21.2015    2 hrs
Backup Battery Sense Lines
Apr.20.2015    2 hrs
More Backup Battery work
Apr.19.2015    8 hrs
Continued fitting of TCW backup battery
Apr.16.2015    3 hrs
Backup Battery Rework
Apr.15.2015    1 hrs
Mounting parking brake bracket
Apr.12.2015    1 hrs
More work on parking brake bracket
Apr.11.2015    4 hrs
Beringer Parking Brake Mounting Bracket
Apr.09.2015    2 hrs
Beringer ALIR Anti-Lock Regulator Mounting
Apr.06.2015    2 hrs
Instrument panel lighting strip
Apr.06.2015    0 hrs
More brake work
Mar.31.2015    3 hrs
Continued Beringer Brake Install
Mar.29.2015    6 hrs
Oil temp sensor safety wired
Mar.22.2015    0 hrs
Starting Beringer Brake Install
Mar.22.2015    1 hrs
Mixture Mount Completion
Mar.12.2015    1 hrs
Final bit of work on Oil Drain Plug and Mixture Bracket
Mar.09.2015    1 hrs
Final Oil Drain Plug Work
Mar.07.2015    2 hrs
Oil Drain Plug Work
Mar.01.2015    1 hrs
Forward cowl and Oil Cooler fitting
Mar.01.2015    2 hrs
Completed Baffle Spacers
Jan.06.2015    1 hrs
Baffle spacers
Jan.04.2015    3 hrs
Cylinder 2 Baffle Fitting
Dec.26.2014    1 hrs
Forward baffle work
Dec.04.2014    2 hrs
Initial prop fitting
Nov.09.2014    1 hrs
Yep, more baffle work!
Nov.08.2014    5 hrs
Yet more baffling work
Nov.07.2014    5 hrs
Misc. Baffling Work
Nov.02.2014    3 hrs
Cylinder 3 baffle clearance
Oct.26.2014    1 hrs
Cylinder 3 Baffling, etc.
Oct.25.2014    7 hrs
More work on Cylinder 4 Baffle
Oct.16.2014    2 hrs
Final Tip Light fiting
Oct.16.2014    1 hrs
Update G3X Touch software
Oct.13.2014    1 hrs
More tip light work
Oct.13.2014    0 hrs
Wingtip lights mounting
Oct.12.2014    2 hrs
More cylinder 4 baffle work
Oct.12.2014    3 hrs
Magnetometer wiring and spark plug grommet
Oct.11.2014    1 hrs
Baffling work
Oct.06.2014    1 hrs
Completed Magnetometer Install
Oct.05.2014    2 hrs
Oil Cooler Mounting
Oct.05.2014    3 hrs
Magnetometer Install
Oct.04.2014    3 hrs
Baffle work
Sep.28.2014    2 hrs
Left, Aft Baffle Parts
Sep.27.2014    3 hrs
Finish ELT Mount
Sep.21.2014    3 hrs
Starting ELT Mount
Sep.07.2014    2 hrs
Plenum top repair
Sep.05.2014    2 hrs
Finishing work on tip
Sep.05.2014    2 hrs
Empennage Fairing finish work
Sep.05.2014    1 hrs
Master Power Cabling
Aug.26.2014    2 hrs
Heavy Electrical Wiring
Aug.24.2014    2 hrs
Complete Battery Hold-Down
Aug.13.2014    1 hrs
Main Battery Fitment
Aug.12.2014    2 hrs
Avionics Voltage Drop Off Testing And Battery Fitment
Aug.10.2014    1 hrs
EGT Sensor trimming and P-Mag P-Lead (Kill switch) wiring
Jul.16.2014    1 hrs
CHT and EGT Sensor wiring, Spark plug routing tests
Jul.13.2014    3 hrs
Backup Battery padding
Jul.10.2014    0 hrs
Test P-Mag wiring
Jul.08.2014    1 hrs
Zip Tie Tests
Jul.07.2014    0 hrs
More P-Mag Wiring & Fuel Flow Sensor
Jul.06.2014    3 hrs
P-Mag Wiring
Jul.05.2014    3 hrs
P-Mag, Engine Ground, Fuel Flow Sensor Wiring
Jul.04.2014    3 hrs
Engine Ground and Power Outlet
Jul.03.2014    2 hrs
Battery Bus, Annunciator, Oil Temp Sensor wiring, etc.
Jun.29.2014    7 hrs
Fixing obstructions
Jun.28.2014    2 hrs
Mono Audio and Misc.
Jun.28.2014    1 hrs
Adding clearances
Jun.26.2014    1 hrs
Test assemble all panel items
Jun.24.2014    4 hrs
Re-do Pressure Sensor Wiring
Jun.23.2014    1 hrs
Mounting GDU 460 Main Display
Jun.23.2014    1 hrs
Instrument Panel Work: GMC 305 and Radio Mounts
Jun.22.2014    5 hrs
More instrument panel prep
Jun.20.2014    3 hrs
Panel Successfully CNC cut
Jun.19.2014    3 hrs
Backup Bus Battery lightweight mounting
Jun.17.2014    1 hrs
Music Input and pressure sensor wiring
Jun.16.2014    4 hrs